International work

The Swedish securities market is heavily impacted by international rules and standards. The Association for Generally Accepted Principles in the Securities Market is therefore active at international level to safeguard and promote Swedish interests, including through its involvement in EFRAG, the European Financial Reporting Advisory Group.

EFRAG was established in 2001 and works for general European interests with regard to standards for financial reporting. Since 2022, it also works with standards for non-financial reporting/sustainability reporting. EFRAG works proactively both through its own projects and as a referral body to the IASB (International Accounting Standards Board). EFRAG's membership includes stakeholders from the EU, national organisations and civil society.

The Association and its executive bodies are represented in EFRAG, e.g. in the General Assembly, the Administrative Board, the Financial Reporting Board and the Sustainability Reporting Board.

The Swedish Securities Council’s activities in the field of public takeover bids are modelled to a large extent on the British Takeover Panel, with which the Council’s secretariat is in regular contact, as well as with corresponding bodies in other countries, including Germany and France. The secretariat also participates together with the Financial Supervisory Authority in regular exchanges of knowledge regarding public takeover bids through the Takeover Bids Network (TBN) within the European Securities and Markets Authority (ESMA).

The Council for Swedish Financial Reporting Supervision participates actively in ESMA, including in working groups, within the framework of the European Enforcers Coordination Sessions (EECS), which is ESMA's forum for coordinating measures and interpreting the International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS). The Council is also an active participant in other international collaborations and meetings, especially at Nordic and European level, with the aim of promoting and developing the activities of the Council.

The Swedish Corporate Reporting Board promotes and represents Swedish interests in the development of international accounting standards by cooperating with IASB (the International Accounting Standards Board) and other national standards issuers and relevant institutions. The Board works internationally to influence norms within IFRS. It collaborates with other European standards bodies in working groups within EFRAG, as well as with national standards issuers at regular global meetings through IFASS (the International Forum of Accounting Standard Setters). The Board also participates in the IASB's meetings of national standard setters and in its advisory groups, and it is in proactive contact when required.

The Swedish Corporate Governance Board also works internationally to safeguard and promote Swedish interests. One of its most important tasks is to be a reference body on corporate governance matters. The Board participates in consultation meetings with representatives of the European Commission within the framework of its membership of the European Corporate Governance Code Network (ECGCN). The Board is a member of the Six Chairs Group, which also includes the chairs of the Corporate Governance Board’s counterparts in the UK, France, Germany, Italy and the Netherlands. The Board also collaborates closely with corporate governance code issuers from other Nordic countries, and the Nordic code issuers are in regular contact with each other.